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List of Developed Systems By Golbarg :)

Afghan War Information

Golbarg Software Development Team, to make a better understanding of the situation in the country, decided to develop a system in which to collect and analyze the statistics of casualties, tragic and tragic events in order to better show the destructive effects of the war on the country and our dear people. And analyze and make it available to all people so that we can have a better understanding of the impact of war on our lives and our country, and strive for more peace, stability and brotherhood, and save the future of our beloved country from this calamity.

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You have access to list of all provinces with their district and filter government and opponent events based on location and view the number of persons being (Killed, Injuired) by their type (people, military, opponent). the events also filtered by their types like (Bomb, Explosion)


Afghan War System Generate More then 12 Graphs to better Represent the War Events which are caused by Government or Opponents. You will have a better Understanding of Impact of War in Afghanistan according to province or date. System also have a Publication which you can read and download Attachments.


Search Every Event by its title in system and view the details by selecting it. The search panel data is also related to location and event types which by selecting a province or an event type, the Search panel data will be filtered according to it. The system data is also in 2 language (English, Dari) which you can switch between them.

Golbarg Human Resource System

Golbarg HR is developed for Human Resource of companies | government to make the daily works easily and cover most of daily tasks. HR system will cover sections like: Employee Registration and Details, Contracts, Attendances, ID Card Print, Attendance related section, Finger Print Devices Support, Graphs, Dashboard, and enough reports about employees and attendances, and more... to give you a better understanding about HR and help you make better decisions and access it any time from any where.

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Employee Details, Education, Experience, Skill, Contracts, Employee ID Card, Attendance, Salary, Payments, and more...


Employee Detail Report, CV, Contract Report, Attendance Report (Meladi, Shamsi), Salary Report, Dashboard, Employees List, and more...


User Management, Company Detail, Base Data for Employees, Attendances, Calendar, Company Structure, Departments, and more...

Golbarg Sarafi System

Golbarg Sarafi is developed for Money Exchange Shops to make the daily works easily and cover most of daily tasks. Sarafi system will cover sections like: Customer Registration and Details, Customer Account Details, Account Balance, Transfer, Money Exchange, Contact, Notes, Daily Activity Report of shop, Sending and Receiving Hawalas, Processing Hawalas. it give you a better understanding about Sarafi and help you make better works and easy to handle.

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Daily Zekr Mobile App

Daily Zekr is an Islamic Android mobile application which will show zekr (Azkar) of each day on your background screen without openning the app. The application also has a zekr counter which you can count the saying of your zekrs. It also has a notification service which will show you islamic quotes.

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TailWind Mobile App

Tailwind css is a cheat sheet android mobile application which will help you to have tailwind in your phone, search contents by categories, view details of each section, online documentation with examples. you can bookmark necessary contents to read them later.

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